Indian Residential School Survivor

The Indian Residential School Survivors Program provides ongoing support for Homeless individuals experiencing challenges as a result of the affects of Residential School. The homeless count of survivors remains approximately 400 individuals in Calgary, including 2nd generation. Ongoing needs includes backpacks containing socks, gloves and toques (in the winter), along with granola bars and other snacks.

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Our Progress

The Indian Residential School Program participated in Orange Shirt Day, an awareness and reconciliation campaign focused on the story of Phyllis Jack, a six year old child’s harsh introduction to residential schools. Métis Calgary Family Services Indian Residential support service has also been provided at several Alberta regional reconciliation events.  Our team of two IRS workers includes  Cultural resource and Health resource roles.  Health Canada has extended this contract another year to the end of March 2018.  Métis Calgary has been asked to continue beyond that timeframe and is poised to support the Murder and Missing Women and Girls inquiry process as that unfolds in the region.  The regional group of Elders and Front line workers of which Métis Calgary Family Services is part of, represents nearly a decade of work in this area.  Our partnerships and relationships extend deep into Alberta’s’ indigenous communities numbering over 50 communities that meet monthly. This is a major support to the spiritual and cultural fabric of the region.  Métis Calgary Family Services presence in this realm has also fueled actions of National reconciliation strategies and events.