Social Services - Native Network Parent Link Centre

The Native Network Parent Link Centre is a government-funded initiative that targets early development from ages 0-6 in Alberta.

Our Goal is to offer culturally appropriate Parenting Programs in a holistic way and, in that way, we have a non-judgmental and strength-based approach to working with our families.  We offer programming for parents and children to learn to play together, to strengthen life skills, and educate them about parenting.

We offer family support  services such as nutrition programs, baby needs, clothing donations, provisions and we help ensure your children are developing appropriately.

For our Parenting Support programs, please click the link below. Otherwise, keep scrolling down to view our programs related to housing, job support, family violence prevention, and life skills development.

Community Outreach and Social Services Programs

Indian Residential School Survivor

The Indian Residential School Survivors Program provides ongoing support for Homeless individuals experiencing challenges as a result of the effects of the Residential Schools.

Ke Mama Nnanik Cultural Crafts

Ke Mama Nnanik offers developmental crafts and activities, a meal, and positive parenting delivered in a culturally-relevant way.

Ke Mama Nnanik In-Home Family Support

The In-Home Family Support Team provides culturally appropriate services to families in their homes guiding then towards healthier family and home environments.  Parents are better able to make positive and informed life choices, have increased knowledge in the area of life skills, and gain more meaningful parent/child relationships.  We assist families in navigating the system with advocacy and community resources.

Rainbow Lodge Community Housing

Strengthening families through safe, stable home environments, this unique program is for families experiencing barriers in the areas of being homeless, employment, education, Aboriginal Culture and Identity, and parenting support.

Community Voicemail Program

It is a simple and inexpensive tool that “connects the dots” between the social services we believe in and the successful outcomes we expect from them. Having a stable phone number with your voice as greeting boosts confidence and dignity when it is needed most; when an “at risk” person seeking social services sets goals and works to achieve them.