Rainbow Lodge Housing

Strengthening families through safe stable home environments, this unique program is for families experiencing barriers in the areas of being homeless, employment, education, Aboriginal Culture and identity and parenting support.

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Rainbow Lodge

701 6505 Huntridge Hill

Blue Metis Nation flag beside a piece of artistic driftwood

Services Provided:

Counselling & Outreach Services
Community Advocacy
Information & referrals
Life Skill Development
Parenting Skills Development
Child Development Tools
Family Violence Prevention
Aboriginal Culture & Community Connection
Medicine Wheel Teachings
Rainbow Lodge’s Mission Statement:
Strengthening Families through safe, stable home environments.

Rainbow Lodge is a 32-unit apartment 4-plex complex providing permanent supportive housing to families experiencing barriers and homelessness.

Rainbow Lodge operates at capacity with no more than 2 weeks turnover on move outs, the program has sustained a general occupancy of about thirty families at any given time, with an average of over seventy children in residence with thirty five to forty adults.

Community development and building activities were held as a priority considering the advanced numbers in residence.  While recreational activities like quarterly community bingo games and barbeques were held, other development opportunities like community advisory boards, community emergency planning groups, and cultural ceremonies also brought the RBL participant community members closer together.

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Standard support services including the provision of bus fares and referrals to others services. However, many families report most significant has been the sense of community as provided via the Rainbow Lodge Program staff.  With all family members engaged in some manner, program participants regularly visit and engage with staff members on a social level for emotional support and personal advice.   The development of community via the RBL Program staff and office continues to be the core of the program as families continue to grow in diversity and resilience.