In-Home Family Support

The In Home Family Support Team provides culturally appropriate services to families in their homes guiding then towards healthier family and home environments.  Parents are better able to make positive informed life choices, increased knowledge in the area of life skills, more meaningful parent/child relationships.  We assist families in navigating the system with advocacy and community resources.

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Areas of Support

Family Violence
Abuse – financial, emotional, physical, and spiritual
Mental Health Issues
Parenting Issues – parent/teen, disruptive behaviors
Lack of Community Resource Knowledge
Isolation from Aboriginal Culture and Community
Addictions – Drugs, Alcohol and Gambling
Families are assessed as to their specific needs based on a wide range of factors.  Goal setting and creation of Support Plans are parent led, based on individual family needs.
The In Home Support team works alongside the parent providing parent education and parent coaching.

The In-Home Support program families are supported to remain together, addressing issues to alleviate the risk in a productive and culturally appropriate manner.  We offer Triple P Positive Parenting, Positive Indian Parenting, Ages and Stages Developmental Screening, and Specialized Development Planning.

The In Home Support Team has a focus on ensuring basic needs are met on a short-term basis, and that connections are made to more long term resources.  We assist families to remain together through education, learning and reducing barriers to resources.  We help reunify families who have children placed outside of the home.  We address issues that place family members at risk in a culturally appropriate manner.