Metis Calgary Family Services Society Board of Directors wish to sincerely thank all those individuals and organizations for their support as we move though 2023 in uncertain times.  We discovered that many stakeholders and allies share our vision for healthier children and families in a fair and just society.  Recent "discoveries" at various residential school sites has invoked a revised national reconciliation awareness seemingly faded since PM Harpers' court ordered apology on the floor of house of commons on June 11, 2008. That healing work continues, as our communities continue to demonstrated a resiliency, one that we see flourishing in our youth when we allow them to unlock their potential, supported by traditional knowledge, culture and spiritual gifts.  We honour Mother Earth as Ke Mama Nnanik so we may live in a good way, and ask the Grandfathers to guide us on our earthly path with grace and humility.  Our circle is stronger because of the challenges faced, and our circle is also larger as we acknowledge those who have supported us throughout those challenges.  "All my relations"